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Updated: Feb 28, 2022

You may be aware that couriers and freight companies can ship your care-packages, products and manufacturing parts, business shipments, and legal documents. However, there are uncommon or even weird items that can be shipped through specialized couriers as well. After all, almost every type of business will need something sent or delivered at some point. In this post, we share 5 things that you may not know you are able to ship with us (especially #3!)


We specialize in delivering fragile items through our White Glove Service, and this includes valuable artwork. Our team is trained in handling these expensive items and will ensure they get to their destination in perfect condition. You can ship your high-value paintings, sculptures, and other priceless masterpieces with Priority One Courier & Logistics.


Shipping musical instruments can be difficult to ship due to their irregular sizes, weight, and fragility. Preparing it and shipping it yourself adequately is a lengthy process, as you will need to ensure that any strings, necks of guitars or basses, and other elements do not move or get damaged in transit. Poor padding, arranging, and sealing of the items can cause some costly mistakes. Leave this important and delicate process to our experts and ship your instruments safely.


We deliver equipment to hospitals for lifesaving surgeries or to repair surgeons’ machines. Transporting and delivering these intricate parts is a job that requires the highest level of service and attention. There is little to no room for error, and these parts are extremely fragile and time sensitive. You can trust our reliable and knowledgeable logistics team to ensure that doctors and medical teams get what they need on time.


This is another type of shipment that we can deliver via our White Glove service. We have delivered props for custom trade shows, scenic art displays, and more. These props run on tight schedules and work with us to ensure same-day delivery and even 1-hour delivery within Orange County. Our drivers are experts at handling these logistics and meeting the clients’ needs. We can also transport the props back after the exhibit is done.


Luxury clothing, jewelry, and makeup require high attention to detail and concierge, White Glove shipping that will ensure these expensive and beautiful products arrive at their destinations flawlessly. Manufacturers and sellers of these items need them now, in order to keep up with fashion’s and clients’ ever-changing demands. We can partner with you to handle these logistics and be sure that you are shipping through the best service at the most affordable cost.

Now that you have a better idea of everything we can ship to other parts of Orange County and the rest of the United States, we are excited to work with you on your next business shipment! You can call us directly at 866-707-8802 or send us an email at See you soon!

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