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Whether you are the owner or purchase manager of a small business or a big corporation, organized logistics is essential in your path to success.

Effective logistics will cut the cost and time it takes to move goods from one location to another. But, what are logistics anyway? Logistics encompasses the detailed coordination of multiple people, facilities, supplies. Logistics deals with a product’s point of origin to its point of consumption. Looking at it from this definition, it is easier to see how crucial effective logistics are to any operation.

Delivering the goods/products safely and on time will promote positive results for your business. If you are looking to expand your business, coordinated transportation will free you up for expansion without overspending on resources and time. By relying on a highly efficient logistics system, your business value will grow too, thus building a greater business reputation. On the contrary, not having coordinated logistics means decreased sales revenue and more chances of making mistakes and losing customers.

Because investing in logistics can be costly, it is becoming increasingly easier to rely on experienced professionals like Priority One Courier and Logistics to help you take care of this essential part of your operation. No matter the client’s question, we have an answer and the right tools for the job, regardless of shipment size. Our promise is fast and secure delivery and warehousing.

We have painstakingly refined our logistics so that we can offer a seamless experience for our clients. Our fleet of vehicles includes small vehicles, cargo vans, and full-sized trucks with lift gate optional. Our team of dedicated drivers are on call for our clients 24/7, and we are proud to provide one hour shipping within Orange County (Orange, Irvine, Aliso Viejo, Santa Ana, Lake Forest, and more) and same day delivery in our scheduled routes (San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas, and more).

Utilizing state of the art technology, we also provide real-time notifications and GPS tracking for all your packages. Our Customer Portal will also enable you to submit orders, export reports, confirm shipments, and more, providing you with a holistic logistics experience for your business.

Get a free quote or call us today at 866-707-8802. Take your business logistics to the next level today!



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